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Joya is a TV news anchor, world traveler, founder of Lady Drinks and the most determined and motivated person I know. I met her 6 years ago and quickly learned that if she wants to do something, she will indeed do it and she will support others in their mission as well. Joya’s work is about empowering others to believe in themselves, or else connecting them with people who believe in them. Ultimately, this is what LadyDrinks is about –connection and empowerment. Whether it’s on TV, hosting a Lady Drinks event, or delivering a Ted Talk Joya’s mission of empowerment shows up in her brand and spot on style

Monisha Kapur Founder, Virtual Stylist 344pm.com

Our firm Francis Financial was sending out Valentines Day gifts to clients. Before doing research online, I reached out to Joya to see if there was someone in her network who specialized in client gifts. 

I knew that anyone Joya sent my way would not only have a beautiful product, but would also be a pleasure to work with because she has a way of bringing together amazing like-minded women. Sure enough, she connected me to Pooja, a partner at ByWoops! Macaroons and we put together beautiful packages for our clients. Pooja also offered me a first-time discount as a connection through LadyDrinks, making our bulk order extremely affordable. We continue to use Pooja to send out beautiful client gifts and have built an ongoing relationship with her. It’s all thanks to the power of LadyDrinks and Joya’s incredible gift to connect people.

Sunaina MehraDirector of Client Relations & Marketing, Francis Financial

Accountability calls have been great  and I try my best not to miss them. Showing up is they key. They keep the drive in me going and I learn so much from other participants by listening to their wins and how they overcame challenges in the week. Some daily to-do’s that I have implemented in my everyday routine listening to how other members do it:
every night I mentally jot down six to do’s  in the order of priority for next day.
I often compartmentalize my day.

Divya TandonReal estate investor
LadyDrinks member Buffalo, NY

It was so nice to see you at the 92 Street Y event last night! I just love Ramit so much. Such great, practical advice. He is my personal hero.

As I mentioned last night, Sunaina and I want to thank you for introducing us to Tina. We were able to connect over lunch last week and instantly hit it off. We work with very similar client bases and are natural referral partners for each other. In fact, Tina mentioned that one of her friends is going through a divorce, and she put us in touch immediately following our meeting. We now have a meeting with her friend, an ideal potential client for us, next week. Thank you, again, for your super-connecting skills!

Natalie Colley, CFP®, CDFA®

LadyDrinks has forced me to examine myself personally and professionally

I’ve set long-term and short-term goals, stopping to assess if they’re aligned with what is important to me. The speakers and the support systems at LadyDrinks provide me with the tools to achieve those goals

I have paid attention to my own self-care. It’s an important factor for success and now I do without feeling the guilt because of the culture at LadyDrinks.

I understand the importance of networking and doing it in a more meaningful way

I’ve been able to build confidence in myself and handle personal insecurities and setbacks

Above all, LadyDrinks has been a support system and a forum I rely on for resources — both personal and professional.

Ami PatelSenior Director, Product Development and Alliance Management at VGYAAN Pharmaceuticals LLC

“A great platform to connect with like-minded women. Thank you Joya Dass for creating such a fun environment where i had conversations that were inspiring, informative and motivational!!….. I realised last evening that i have to get a new website up ASAP”

Jyoti Kapoor, Jyoti Kapoor Jewellery

“In 2016, I had the unique opportunity to travel to India with some extraordinary LadyDrinks members. We were featured speakers at the ALL India Women’s Economic Forum in Delhi, where we shared our personal insight and professional expertise on topics including gender equality, personal branding and the importance of socio- economic engagement. It was a wonderful shared experience that gave us a renewed sense of self; we left feeling empowered, inspired and determined to continue in our own journeys towards success back home.”

Pooja Khurana DDS New Jersey

I have made friendships and business connections that couldn’t of dreamt of had I not attended that one event. I have access to an exclusive network of lawyers, event organizers, executives, creatives, and even a professional comedian! I am a part of a weekly and monthly accountability group and a gratitude group which keeps me moving forward knowing that I have the support I need in my business.

Not only have I been recommended multiple times in the network and been able to accomplish major projects, I have been a part of the larger conversation of the impact of women in the world today and how we can make a difference. Joya sees the best in people and puts her money where her mouth is. I was honored to work with her on her book cover and I am happy to call her my friend.

Navina ChhabriaDesign Consultant | Illustrator | Author
Lady Drinks has helped me connect with industry leaders in an intimate environment.  I’m a standup comedian (The Funny Brown Mom) and a screenwriter. Within days of joining, I was speaking with a Hollywood director in a context that was low pressure and comfortable for both of us.  As a new screenwriter, I wouldn’t have had access to him otherwise.
With my membership, I have gleaned a greater understanding about the money and pay scales in the industry by encouraging a dialogue about these private matters in a direct manner. Joya has shown me that women can and will unite as a powerful force in business and culture through her determined and systematic approach of supporting each member personally.
Zarna GargComedian and Screenplay writer, The Funny Brown Mom

I rarely do public speaking. I had nerves and anxiety as I was readying for the LadyDrinks Fireside Chat last January. Joya was a great resource for me in preparing for it. She sent me the outline of talking points ahead of time and shared where to I should add more story or color. She shared wonderful tips on how to handle a public speaking engagement. They worked like a charm for me!

Sonia Patel Chief Pharmacist and Co-founder, Capsule Pharmacy

“LadyDrinks has been a phenomenal resource for my business.  Not only have I made amazing connections with likeminded successful women,

LadyDrinks has also brought me business and connected me to clients, which I never would have had an opportunity to meet had it not been for Joya’s network.”

Crystal R. Villaseñor, Esq. Attorney & Counselor At Law

LadyDrinks Board Member Executive Director, Sakhi for South Asian Women “Because of this network, I was able to hire a strong, talented member to my team, for a highly-coveted role. Joya made the perfect connection to someone who made a transformative impact in my organization.”

Kavita Mehra

“As South Asian women, we are encouraged to ‘over achieve,’ instead of ‘let go’ and ‘enjoy life.’

I had a thriving and large dental practice with cutting-edge technology and lovely patients who were more like family. But, I hardly spent time with my two adorable children.

After listening to featured speaker Jennifer Macaluso-Gilmore at a LadyDrinks event, I made a change. Jennifer talked about the importance of women ‘having it all’ but living life in chapters in order to achieve that. She stopped mid-career to spend time with her children because they would be 1 year old or 2 years old, only ONCE.

I sold my practice, traded it in for a smaller one in favor of spending more time my kids. Guess what? I saw them soar. Best decision I ever made. At LadyDrinks, I have connected with some amazing ladies and hope to see more and more come on board. Joya thank you so much for your amazing network!

Priti Dagli, DDS, FAACD, FICOI Plainsboro Dental Services

This #thanksgiving2019, I’m feeling extra gratitude for all the women I’ve met and continue to meet from my networks and communities. From @the.wing (@audreygelman), @toryburchfoundation @toryburch @dezrez75), @dreamersdoers (@geschehaas), @ladydrinksnetworking (@joyadass), @doonyasf (@paleesi_ ), @allraiseorg (@feliciacurcuru) and beyond. This marks my first thanksgiving as a “full-time” female founder. Without the support, strength, and love from my equally unusual ladyfriends, I’d be stalling on my dreams. Cheers to all of you for spreading your contagious compassion and confidence, even in the midst of your own fleeting self doubt- we are indeed #bettertogether. Happy Thanksgiving to friends who feel like family. @Mehaagrawal Testimonial on Instagram

Pooja Bavishi, Founder, Malai Ice Cream

shares how LadyDrinks has helped her business

“Thank you for hosting such a wonderful event last night! It was great meeting you, finally. Looking forward to attending more.”

Ruchi Gupta

“….Thanks for all you do! It is wonderful to see how you enjoy connecting and empowering women. I look forward to next month’s meeting.”

Lyna Castillo-Javier