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“Become non emotional about your business. Develop this superpower”​

Last night, I heard author and founder of Joor Mona Bijoor speak at Samsung’s Accelerator.  Tribeca Venture Partners’ Rocky Lachman was in conversation with her about her book on entrepreneurship and resiliency. For this book, Bijoor included the stories of ten entrepreneurs. She had interviewed 50, but found many were not willing to share their vulnerability. Highlights from the […]

What can you do to celebrate International Women’s Day?

Admittedly, International Women’s Day isn’t until March 8, 2020. But in the last two weeks, I had the privilege of engaging with several women who have shared some valuable ways we can lift other women up. Kristy Wallace, CEO of the Ellevate Network, spoke on a panel at the women’s collaborative hub Luminary yesterday on […]

LadyDrinks rings in International Women’s Day with a dinner series. Montreal February 13th. London March 3rd, The Milan dinner is March 5th.

How can you lift up other women? LadyDrinks plans three dinners LadyDrinks rings in International Women’s Day with a dinner series. The Montreal dinner is February 13th. The London dinner is March 3rd, The Milan dinner is March 5th. But as we march our way to the days, I have a challenge that we all […]


Thursday, November 14th, LadyDrinks hosted efficiency coach Ari Meisel for a workshop at UPS New York headquarters. He taught us hacks for creating a more effective to-do list, apps for automating processes, and services to outsource tasks to. Takeaways here. Special thanks to LadyDrinks member Priyanka Patel, Founder of Rent Something Silk for these notes. […]

What does it take to build a ‘Dream Network?’​ A LadyDrinks Fireside Chat with Author and Expert Kelly Hoey

Thursday November 14th, Author and expert Kelly Hoey and I engaged in a fireside chat at Seabird Restaurant in Manhattan about building the dream network for your ultimate goal. As LadyDrinks is largely a group of women with businesses seeking clients for their product or service, my questions focused on: HOW TO GET CLIENTS HOW […]

Five tips on becoming a thought leader, plus more leadership learning at the upcoming SHELEADS Conference. Discounted entry for members

How to become a thought leader Five tips for you. What is the difference between a thought leader and an influencer? Plus, your discounted entry to more leadership learning at the upcoming SHELEADS Conference in New York City. THRIVE GLOBAL FEATURE You know the term influencer. You know the term thought leader. But, truly, what […]