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My Definition of Leadership Today

In eighth grade, when I went to the Scripps Howard Spelling Bee Nationals in Washington DC, I rose for my third round. “Myrhhed. The adjectival form of the word Frankincense and Myrrh.” Panic rose in my throat. “To be myrhhed is to be tainted with a perfume the Three Wise Men brought to the baby […]

The Untold Stories of Women Artists

It was a parent’s worst nightmare come true. Pre-modern 20th century, women didn’t become artists. Formal training wasn’t available to young women. It was socially unacceptable as a profession for women. Most artists were men, and it would be unseemly to send a teenage daughter off to apprentice with an older male figure. #artemisiagentileschi father […]

3 DIY tips for a killer small business marketing strategy

I am a fan of actionable advice that you, as a woman in leadership or a woman in business, can activate around as soon as you finish reading this. In this post I’m offering ways you could change up your marketing for your small business in these uncertain times and keep creating opportunity. If you prefer to watch […]

LadyDrinks Member Spotlight: Ami Patel

Senior Director, Product Development and Alliance Management, Vgyaan Pharmaceuticals Joya: You have a real passion for tutoring young men and women. What spurred it? Ami: I have always enjoyed the sciences. It comes “easy” to me. Not because I’m exceptionally smart, but rather because I had teachers (starting with my dad) who made science both fun […]

Six Cybersecurity tips for your home or work systems during COVID-19

Jessica Robinson, CEO of Purepoint International, was our featured guest speaker on the Legal and Finance call for LadyDrinks members this morning. Her six tips for heightened awareness around Cybersecurity and Data Risk during COVID-19. 1. Companies are realizing their crisis plans aren’t as up to date as planned or their VPN isn’t working. She […]