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A Fashion Entrepreneur’s 10 Tips to Persistent Leadership

Payal Singhal is a leading South Asian fashion designer. Her pieces are well known for reflecting attitude, style, and elegance. She mixes tradition and modern design to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are available across a wide range of price points. When she sat down to discuss her work, business, and South Asian women’s leadership, she […]

A Bakery Entrepreneur’s 10 Tips To Persistent Leadership

Janie Deegan is the founder and owner of Janie’s Life Changing Baked Goods. In this chat, she shares a little of her story on the path to becoming a successful entrepreneur and offers tips for other ambitious entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their own business. 1. Build a Business with Purpose Janie’s story starts […]

The 10 Key Steps to Publishing Persistent Thought Leadership

Selena Rezvani, a best-selling author who teaches women-focused leadership development, shares her top ten tips for how women business owners can publish thought leadership that converts into business. Find Your Area of Expertise Imagine yourself at a dinner party or in the boardroom, leading the conversation. What do you tend to speak about? What area […]

Ten Tips to Persistence in Leadership from the Boxed.com CEO

Serial entrepreneur Chieh Huang is the philanthropic founder and CEO of online wholesale club Boxed. Along the way, he’s learned some lessons about persistence in leadership. He shared some insight about the subject with on the Virtual Fireside Chat podcast. Who is Chieh Huang? A New Jersey native, Huang is the child of Taiwanese immigrants. […]

A Beauty Brand CEO’s 10 Tips to Persistent Leadership

Divya Gugnani, author and CEO of Wander Beauty, has a lot of wisdom to share, especially for female leaders.   Here are just some of her most relevant and helpful leadership tips, boiled down to their essence for quick learning.   You are who you hire. Your company culture will be built by the people […]

A wedding planner‘s 10 tips for pivoting your wedding now

LadyDrinks member and wedding planner Sonal Shah, founder of SJS Events, shares her top ten tips for pivoting client weddings during the pandemic . Postpone. Don’t Cancel. Initially, April weddings were rescheduled. Now October weddings are getting rescheduled to 2021. “We’re fully supportive of people moving their dates to next year. You want both your […]

I’d like to give a TedTalk, but I actually have nothing to say.

Steve Jobs gave one of my favorite commencement speeches of all time at Stanford in 2005. In it, he shares three stories. The first one is titled “Connecting the dots” He dropped out of college. He didn’t see the point. It was costing his adoptive parents a fortune. However, he continued to audit classes. Including one in calligraphy. By day, he […]