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Member Spotlight: Featured LadyDrinks Members at the Small Business Diwali Bazaar this Thursday

Thursday, October 17th, @LadyDrinks Women’s Networking empowers 15 women vendors by hosting a small business bazaar at the women’s collaborative hub @Luminary. We put the spotlight on four members who are featured. Name: Sanketa Jain Company/Title: Eat Krave Love / Owner “When I was young, I was told it is a woman’s place to be in the kitchen. I […]

LadyDrinks Member Spotlight: Tina Ramchandani, Interior Designer

I am often in a position of referral since I helm a large women’s professional network. A friend was in the market for an interior designer, and she said “Do you know Tina Ramchandani?” I said I didn’t. “Oh my god,” my friend replied. “She is the ‘it’ designer. You have to know Tina Ramchandani.” […]


At the last LadyDrinks 15-woman dinner, some expressed they are struggling with building company culture. To rise to that request, we interview Leena Patel, Founder of Sandbox2Boardroom.com, on our next LadyDrinks virtual workshop. Leena Patel is also the author of the book Raise Your Innovation IQ: 21 Ways to Think Differently During Times of Change. For two […]

Our next mentoring luncheon is with the co-founder of RIMSports Angie Raja. Three members invited to learn how to build a million dollar business.

A million dollar business Want to build one? Our next mentoring luncheon will teach you how. Lunch with Angie Raja, founder of RIMSports. Learn how she built a million dollar company. And it all started with pink gloves. OCTOBER MENTORING LUNCHEON. THREE MEMBERS WELCOME It all started with a desire to have pink gloves. Angie […]

Why is Public Speaking Important to Your Business?

Probably the number one thing my members ask me about is ‘How can I be a better public speaker?” I’ve made a career out of it as a business news anchor for the last 20 years, and today as the face of a women’s executive networking group (LadyDrinks). My first on-air job was at Bloomberg […]

If you want to become a better public speaker, we have just the workshop for you next Thursday October 3rd. Plus the list of Diwali Bazaar vendors.

Fear of Public Speaking? Workshop for Leaders Next Thursday, we have created an event for anyone who has ever wanted to be a better an able bodied public speaker and command a room. Plus a podcast for anyone who has ever asked themselves, how can I be more? In-person workshop Thursday 6-8pm Great public speakers […]