Mind your tone

Communicating effectively to get the outcome you want

One of my goals for this year is to work on my ‘tone’ Leadership coach Lolly Daskal shares in this article that the best leaders are stewards of their tone. “Communication is far more difficult if you let your emotions go unchecked.”

I’m a passionate founder, and I fully admit that I have let my emotions get the most of me at times. Today I have a regular yoga practice and am working on establishing that regular meditation practice so I can be a better listener.

If you are in a leadership role at a company or a founder, you need vision. But more than that, you need influence. Influence to get investors. Influence to get clients. Influence to hire great employees.

As part of our leadership programming series in 2020, LadyDrinks hosts this compelling workshop with Gino Perrotte, Founder and Strategist, Right Brain Journeys on the “Art of Influence,” and the six principles of persuasion.

Because I’m after creating unique and wonderful networking experiences, we are hosting this in the private board room of the new Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Meatpacking. I chose a brand synonymous with ‘influence’ and I doubt anyone would argue with the influence Starbucks has on us today. Afterwards, we get a private tour of the Roastery and some special gifts!

I spent alot of time with executive women and established founders. At my female leadership book club. At dinners. Over goal sharing sessions. Work-life balance is a consistent pain point. In fact, some put it on their vision boards for 2020 as something they wish to establish.  I’m here to help. On February 12th, I’ve partnered with Candice Georgis, private yoga instructor to executive women and celebrities, to craft a one hour self care workshop for women.

While Valentine’s Day is a celebration of romantic relationships, we celebrate the most important relationship of all.

The one you with yourself.

February 12th, we are at OMEGA Boutique on Fifth Avenue to make TIME FOR YOU. Candice will lead us through exercises to help us get better in touch with our inner dialogue. She will also leave you with self-care tools to activate around long after you have left the room.

We hosted a virtual workshop on how to engage Gen Z last week. Video is the top way to speak to this demographic, which has grown up with smartphones, internet and choices on how they get their information.

If you are a product or a service, learn in this fireside chat how to leverage video FOR YOUR BUSINESS and engage that next wave of consumers with tremendous purchasing power.