How to Find a Mentor

Both in-person and NOT

Most successful leaders have a mentor or a coach. It’s easy to lead with overconfidence or ego. “I don’t need help!” but that also shuts you out to helpful advice and maybe even more critical feedback. So today we are sharing how you can find a mentor.

I worked with a woman many years ago, who believed mentors can exist in books. For example, Phil Knight, founder of Nike, penned “Shoe Dog” sharing how he conceived of, founded and made Nike an international brand. He failed many times over, before he tasted success. He also turned life long friends into allies.

We are mourning the death of basketball great Kobe Bryant this week. His book “Mamba mentality:How I Play” shares how he maintained intense focus in both preparation and competition for the game.

My former Bloomberg colleague Rachana Bhide is an organizational psychologist. She started a movement, sharing how women can enlist male allies in the workplace. Read her article below.

And finally, as a LadyDrinks member, you have access to a list of coaches who are already working with the community.


While Valentine’s Day is a celebration of romantic relationships, we celebrate the most important relationship of all.

The one you with yourself.

February 12th, we are at OMEGA Boutique on Fifth Avenue to make TIME FOR YOU. February 12th, LADYDRINKS partnered with Candice Georgis, private yoga instructor to executive women and celebrities, to craft a one hour self care workshop for women. Candice will lead us through exercises to help us get better in touch with our inner dialogue. She will also leave you with self-care tools to activate around long after you have left the room.

We hosted a virtual workshop on how to engage Gen Z last week. Video is the top way to speak to this demographic, which has grown up with smartphones, internet and choices on how they get their information.

If you are a product or a service, learn in this fireside chat how to leverage video FOR YOUR BUSINESS and engage that next wave of consumers with tremendous purchasing power.

FEB 22
What is your relationship with money? What is your children’s knowledge of household finances? LadyDrinks hosts a special educational event at The Co-Co, Summit, New Jersey.

Sunaina Mehra of Francis Financial leads us in a “Money Circle,” a conversation circle where we get curious about our story around money. As women, we have a knack for connecting. When we come together to connect around something as powerful and complex as money and our children, we’re capable of making profound changes.

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Event sponsor: Pinnacle Capital
Flight sponsor: Mitan Ghosh

Friday January 24th, LadyDrinks hosted the first of four International Women’s Day Dinners at Kiran’s Houston. Ten women executives or founders and three gentlemen were at the table. IWD was first observed in 1911. It was a way to celebrate women’s achievements culturally, socially, politically and professionally.

In 2020 LadyDrinks hosts 4 International Womens Day Dinners: Montreal, London, Milan and Houston. The Houston dinner was special because Chef Kiran Verma created a menu bespoke to PATEL Winery wines from Napa. Vintner Raj Patel presided over the dinner.

The mission of these dinners is to continue to grow the depth and breadth of the LadyDrinks network which has its origins in NYC. In a round robin fashion each business woman was introduced. She shared her wins, her current hurdle or work life hack, one resource she has to share and one resource she needs right now